Adjusting the Width of the Sidebar

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    Hello Syahir,

    Man… you just made this theme look even cooler than it did before. Great work.

    And thank you for the added option of not displaying the top bar with search and rss buttons.

    Can you please tell me how do I adjust the width of the side bar?

    I have tried changing the width of the sidebar and adjust the width of the content with the same number but I must be missing to edit something else as it comes up as completely distorted.

    Please help.

    Many thanks


    Syahir Hakim


    URL please?

    Bobby J


    Here it is

    I want to fit the form in the side bar widget

    Also, how do I make the distance between the side bar and the content box smaller?

    How to hide the Page title on other pages and not only on Home page?

    – How do I make the page content start from the top of the page when there is no Page title (see Home Page)

    Thank you for your support


    Syahir Hakim


    These are all just CSS changes, and I can’t point to you the CSS codes required for each and every customisation that you would like to make. That will take huge amount of time that no one man can afford, especially with free support.

    You’d be much better off empowering yourself with the knowledge of CSS, which isn’t that difficult to learn. Try using the Firebug plugin for Firefox as well, to make it much easier to determine which CSS code needs modifying.

    Bobby J


    Yes, you are right. It only makes sense.

    Thank you

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