Adjusting margins and padding of sidebar widgets

  • daviddeyo


    I’m using three footer widgets in my site, one of which is serving up AdSense ads of a specific size (300×250) and the ads are extending past the right edge of the widget. I want to adjust margins or padding within the widget so I can pull the ad left and get it within the borders of the widget and ideally centered there. I need to do this within the widget since I’m not allowed to modify the AdSense content at all. I’ve experimented with Custom CSS values and the situation is better but still not right. I can’t seem to find the values in the style.css of the theme I need to override with Custom CSS to adjust the spacing between the ad and the boundaries of the widget.

    What am I overlooking?

    If you look at my site at in the lower right corner, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Thanks in advance,



    Syahir Hakim

    #adinj-3 div{
    margin-left: -11px;

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