AddThis vs. Jetpack shareing options-which one is better?

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    I Googled it and can’t find a good article that discuss which one is the better option for WP. Since we have a growing community of Graphene theme users here, may be you guys can help me out.

    Which one do you prefer? Is there an advantage to using AddThis over the Jetpack share?



    Kenneth John Odle


    AddThis. It’s just code which you can add to Graphene’s sharing feature, or drop into a text widget anywhere.

    Jetpack is a plugin, which means the potential for plugin conflicts exist.



    Thank you Kenneth. Do you think that I should avoid using all the Jetpack features? I use some of them like site Stats and Contact Forms.

    I at at school now… as soon as I get home, I am going to add the add-this button.

    Thank you.



    +1 on AddThis since we’re only pitting it against Jetpack’s sharing functionality.

    and as Mr. Odle said, AddThis is just a piece of code that you can experiment with and put anywhere you like.



    Thanks you all. I went with AddThis.


    Do you think that I should avoid using all the Jetpack features?

    Not all. There are some useful features like Spelling and Grammar & Beautiful Math. But I would suggest you to get rid of Stats. It adds some 3rd party tracking script to your site.

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