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    Thanks, Syahir!



    Wowcast: i had the same problem, don’t know why it happened, maybe after i tried to play with the css, maybe not.

    But identicle problem, adsens on the side and footer came up on ALL pages but not the home page :(. Also i recall for a moment the adsense not coming up on the “…/category/xxx/…” pages also but that fixed itself.

    A complete uninstall of wordpress and reinstallation worked ….

    If it ever comes up again i will post in here 🙂 maybe a solution does exist.



    Aha! The problem just arose again! I enabled adsense from the graphene options and also pasted the code in.

    It seamed to show it for approximately 3 posts then the side menu and the footer adsense stopped showing…

    So i turned off the adsense all together and now both footer and side menu works again!

    Must be a problem with too many adsense items maybe??

    Perhaps it’s showing too many ads per page? Maybe if we could give it an option to show the adsense every 2 posts rather then after every single post?

    Updated (few minutes later):

    Yep i can pretty much guarantee that its too many ads and the limit seams to be 3, even though i am using different scripts for body, sidebar and footer.

    Check out and check the 2 different sections you will see only 3 ads appear the rest dissapear.

    Is this a google limit?

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