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    Okay. First post ever here.

    I’ve been trying all kindsa crazy little things, and Google just isn’t liking me today (nor apparently is grep).

    I’m trying to pull the correct image for the post from the Featured Image, which is typically a high-res image that needs to be auto-resized/hard-cropped or whatever… the problem is, though I can pull the_post_thumbnail() just great, it’s not the correct size that I want (which is 300px high by however wide the column is).

    I want it here in loop-single.php:

    <?php do_action( 'graphene_before_post' ); ?>

    /* HERE. */

    <div class="entry clearfix">

    As I said: 300px high, but dynamically hard-cropped or auto-resized to fit the set column width (in the theme settings under Display -> Column Width Options), rather than replacing the header image or making it a fixed column width.

    I’ve tried the “standard” WP functions, but apparently those just add to the problem by re-resizing what it was that Graphene resized in the first place. Not to mention they are the same dimensions as the header, which I don’t really want. I want my header, with the featured image acting as kind of a secondary header between the secondary menu and the date, sized to the content column and based on the theme’s column size for that column…. I just can’t think of a simpler way to put that, even though that sounds really complicated.

    To save what little hair I have left from being pulled out, is there some way for me to call this?

    I can make it a conditional with no problem, but I’m not really sure what everything is, and I don’t have a week to pore through the entire theme to figure out how it works.

    My unending gratitude for this really great theme, otherwise! This is the only issue I’ve even had with it, after going through about 2 dozen themes trying to find something which gets me even close to what I’m looking for. Just a few minor tweaks are left before the site is presentable, and I really couldn’t have gotten this far without the hard work that’s already gone into this theme—so thank you! 🙂

    Also, though this isn’t exactly a feature request, I wouldn’t be opposed to it getting into there, if things work out. 🙂

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