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  • jrothra


    When I look at the demo, I notice the following lists in the footer:

    Layout and formatting


    Page with comments

    Page with comments disabled

    Parent page

    Features and Functionalities

    Helpful 404 Page

    Multi-level dropdown

    Native plugins support

    Print Stylesheet



    Frequently Asked Questions


    However, when I add widgets to the “Footer Widget Area” it adds them below the content, above the black footer area (where “Recent Posts,” “Recent Comments,” and “Tags” are displayed in the demo). How do I add 2 or 3 lists to the footer? Is it via widgets? Is it manual coding? Can it be done through the Options section?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I hadn’t even looked at this, but it is seriously cool.

    Step #1: Go to Menus and create a custom menu.

    Step #2: In Menus, Under “Theme Locations,” add your custom menu to the footer menu.

    A world of possibilities now awaits you. Enjoy!




    Footer menu! I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll check it out! So far I really like the theme, though.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes, if you use Firebug, you can determine which elements are included and style them using custom CSS. I will work on this on one of my blogs this weekend.



    It won’t do what I want. 🙁 I’m wanting the meta stuff down there, but I don’t use all of the links that the Widget includes. I leave only the login/logout, site admin, and a link that shows up only if they are level 10 admins. The interactive menu doesn’t let me add the php lines to control that. 🙁

    I may have to add this in manually in the footer file.


    Kenneth John Odle


    When you create a custom menu, define it using “Custom Links.”

    a link that shows up only if they are level 10 admins

    However, you can’t create a conditional like this in a custom link. I’m not sure how you could this, other than in a child theme (using IF…THEN…ELSE) written directly into the footer.php file.

    What is a “level 10 admin”?



    Level 10 is the administrator with full access (I was redundant with “level 10 admin,” meant “level 10 user”). For the footer, I manually entered the information into the footer.php file. The reason I want the “if/then” info is there is one page that I want only the other two admins to see — but the standard widgets or menus would have the link to that page visible to anyone who logs in.

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