Adding image on a post crashes post completely (only when Graphene is active)

  • deboismenu


    I just started a new WordPress site where I’m using Graphene Plus as theme. I’ve been using Graphene on a separate site for a few years. But on this new install I discovered that if Graphene plus is active every time I add an image on a post this will crash and I cannot create any more posts. I can delete the post but then everything will break again when I try to add an image.

    I tested this by going back to the default theme (Twenty-twenty-one) and everything works as expected. I then re-activated Graphene Plus and the problem is back.

    When it crashes the erro says: “This editor has encountered an unexpected error” with three buttons asking to attempt recovery (nothing happens), copy text and copy error. This last one is a list of links to files on my WP site (can make this available if it helps.

    I’m using latest WordPress version 5.7.2. The site is but you only see this problem by having access to wp-admin.

    Has anyone experienced something similar? I’ll appreciate your help. Thanks!!


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