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    I have searched through previous posts and didn’t really find an aswer to this.

    I am trying to add a Google+ icon to the top bar of the Graphene theme (which I love, btw). Under Graphene Theme Options > Top Bar Options, I click the “Add new social media icon” link. I then name it “GooglePlus”, add the URL to my profile and the URL to the icon (which I downloaded and resized to 29×29). The icon image has been uploaded to my media library. The icon doesn’t show up on my page. If I mouse over where the icon should be after the Facebook icon, I can tell there is a link there but no image is displayed. Any thoughts?

    My site is



    Kenneth John Odle


    I cannot get your site to load, so I can’t see what is happening there.

    What is the format of your icon? It should be .jpg, .png, or .gif, not .ico.

    The icon image has been uploaded to my media library.

    Did you use the link provided by the media library?

    Even if you didn’t resize it, you should still see something. I added a link to my homepage on my personal blog using an image file that is too big, and it still shows up. You can see it right after the YouTube link. (I’ll take it down or redo it correctly once we figure out your problem.)




    Hi, Ken. Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure what happened with the site as it loaded ok for me just now.

    I figured out what the problem was. The icon name had a “+” in it that I didn’t catch before. After I took that out, the image appeared on my site.

    Thanks again! I’ll try to catch things like that next time. 🙂



    Kenneth John Odle


    Glad to help. Must admit, I haven’t run into this problem before, but I’ll add it to my bag of tricks.



    Syahir Hakim


    I’ve added URL encoding in the code so that this problem won’t happen again in the future 🙂

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