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    I’m now at the fine-tuning stage for our new website that employs your Graphene theme: Thank you for your neat design. I hope you like what we’ve done.

    I would like to move the “Archives” and “Meta” Boxes on the right hand side of our Homepage downwards. Where the Archives box currently is, I would like to place a photo of my boss with his name written in a red header area. It would be in the same format as the “Archives” box but the height would be approximately that of the slider. Below this I would like to place another box with the red header “Contact Details” showing that information inside its box. The existing “Archives” and “Meta” Boxes would then appear underneath the two new boxes. How can I achieve this please (bearing in mind that I don’t know anything about computer languages)?

    Also, since updating to version 1.5.5 I can see that multiple versions of posts are appearing in the footer area of the homepage. I note that you did answer this query for someone else, but I didn’t understand how to begin finding the offending line that needed deleting.

    Finally, I have an orange RSS newsfeed button that appears in the top left hand corner. Is this supposed to do something, or should I just delete it. If so, how?

    Thanks very much for your help.




    Those “Archives” and “Meta” boxes are called widgets. You can add some more widgets in “Dashboard–> Appearance–> Widgets” menu. In widgets menu, drag the widgets from the left columns to the Sidebar Widget Area. Example: If you want add some text in the sidebar, then drag the “Text; Arbitrary text or HTML” widget to “Sidebar Widget Area” right hand side column and give it a title & write something in body area. Then save the block.

    To add an image in widget. first you’ve to upload the image to somewhere in your site or any other sites like photobucket. Then right click on image and select “Copy image location”. Then go to widget settings and drag the Text block into sidebar and give it a title. Then paste this in body,

    <img src="Replace this with your image_URL">

    Write description of image in plain text.

    Then save the block.

    I think there are some plugins available, which helps to add image in sidebar.

    About 2nd question: If you don’t know how to remove <?php do_action( 'graphene_bottom_content' ); ?> from footer.php, hire someone who can do it for you.

    #3. RSS feed button helps your readers to find your posts feeds. Thus they can bookmark your site.



    Thank you for this. Firstly, I realise that I should have posted this in the Graphene section. Sorry.

    I managed to insert a new Widget box into which I copied a photograph and some text as per your instructions above. The problem now is that even though I can appear to position the photo and the text centrally and I can add carriage returns where I want them, when I save the widget I lose the formatting (see homepage). Is there some sort of code that I need to put on each side of the photo to align it as well as a code that I should insert when I want a carriage return?

    I suppose I want the RSS feed button, but when I click on it an error message appears saying “The XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below” after which a whole load of code appears. Is there anything I can do about this.

    Thank you so much for your very quick response!




    For centre alignment, put <p align="center"> tag before the image and close the tag </p> after image and description.

    Example; <p align="center"><img src="image_URL"><p>


    <p align="center"><img src="Image_URL"><br />Image description</p>

    2. I’m not getting any error massage in viewing RSS feed. It is fine now.


    Kenneth John Odle


    should have posted this in the Graphene section

    Not a problem. Moved to Graphene support.

    RSS feed button, but when I click on it an error message appears saying

    Not all browsers can act as RSS feed readers. Either experiment with your browser’s RSS settings, or try a different browser. (I like Firefox, which will allow you to bookmark RSS feeds. See this article.)

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