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  • the_architect



    not sure whether this is possible, but i wanted to place a logo (250×250) rather than a header on the website

    website link

    and wanted to place it slightly offset over the slider

    any pointers would be very welcome

    kind regards



    Kenneth John Odle


    Try using the Graphene header widget with some custom CSS for placement. You may need to implement a z-index to make it appear in front of everything, rather behind it.

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    much appreciated Kenneth, sort of figured it out myself,

    ended up going for the graphene_slider_nav as only wanted it on front page.

    however I am trying to figure out how to do the same using the graphene Neo theme, is there an equivalent action hook to graphene_slider_nav?

    many thanks



    Kenneth John Odle


    Since you have separate sidebars for Graphene and Graphene Neo, one of these plugins may work for you:

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