Added a child theme but it breaks my site

  • VinceG


    Hi People.

    I have the graphene template installed and my site looks like this


    However, I have followed the instructions to the letter to add a child theme from here but when I activate it, it breaks my site.


    Not only are the menu’s messed up, when I go to alter them in the theme, none of the alterations are saved and it just shows up as above.

    I also have a “news widget” which does not show up in the admin panel of the child theme but does when the standard theme is activated.

    Any ideas?



    I have had this problem a few time.

    You need to reset your menus and reset your header image, after changing to the child theme.

    Each time the theme changes they drop back to default.

    That should fix that look, although you say it doesn’t retain the changes? That does sound odd, although I change mine on the normal Menu change option, NOT in the left hand side bar for Graphene options.

    Not sure about the widget though

    Prasanna SP


    WordPress considers child theme as a completely new theme. So, after you activating the child theme, you have to reassign custom menus, header image and widgets. It is the normal WordPress behavior.



    OK thanks for that Prasannda and ABC Diamond.

    That wouldn’t account for why the news widget is not available though. In the child theme it is not there so I cannot get it to show up.

    I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the widget too, to no avail.



    hmmm I had a problem once and the issue was how I named the child theme folder in FTP. For example I named it : child theme

    BUT that caused a problem and the fix was making sure there was no Space in the name inside the child theme folder I created in FTP so the fix was making the name of the folder : childtheme

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