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    I would like to create a page of static content at the top and then a series of posts from a certain category below the static content. I almost got it, using a custom category field, but for some reason the posts are staggered to the right a bit and the side bar won’t go up to the side. When I read the template-whatever php code, it says create a file called loop-page, but all of the template pages, regardless of which style of template it is say the same thing so how do I “overload” (whatever that means) a template to make a custom template in my child theme? How does the theme know which template is being overloaded if they all use the same loop-page.php file?

    I used the page of posts code from the wordpress codex page:



    What would be just as good is if I could create additional pages using the homepage panes template. Is there a file that I could copy the homepage with panes template and use it to create additional pages just like that.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can always try using Kalin’s Post List Plugin:

    I love it, and am gradually using it to replace all of my category archives.

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