Add row after Slider or before Static Page title

  • calvinyoo



    Just wonder how to add a row between slider and page title “Elegant Design” as seen on your demo.

    I meant, the row of “Perfect for business” text widgets. Could you please help? TQ.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi calvinyoo,

    The custom layout for the demo front page is created using [url=]Franz Josef Stacks[/url] addon, which adds a pagebuilder capability to Franz Josef. The demo front page layout itself is included in the addon, so you can quickly replicate the layout on your own site and modify it as you need.



    Hi Syahir Hakim,

    Thanks… BTW, is that possible to hide ‘Page Title’ ? We could do whatever rows but still need to keep its Page Title. Thanks in advance.



    Hi ,

    Just found the way to hide page title in this theme. Just share here if anyone wish to get this trick:

    .page-id-XYZ .highlight-title {display: none;}

    P/S: XYZ is the front page ID number, example 1234

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