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  • stickmaniaz


    Hello, so i wanna add facebook and twitter icon on topbar, but i really don’t understand HOW TO!!?

    my site :

    please help…




    Piece of cake. Just go to your admin panel => graphene options => topbar options.

    Here, you may simply add your facebook and your twitter page url’s directly into the options.

    Click “save options” and the icons will magically appear 🙂



    omg wtf thanks!!



    Haha… you are going to be VERY impressed with this theme as you begin to unlock it’s power 🙂

    You can even add additional social networking icons and links to your pages through the same interface. So, you could add a linkin, or a youtube, or a myspace, or even all three!



    what size of the icon i must have?



    I think the default is something like 28x28px. But you can make a small adjustment to allow for larger icon sizes. Take a look at my page HERE to see.



    lol what?, umm, ok i will, but can you give me the link of youtube 28×28 picture?



    Kenneth John Odle


    32px x 32px

    And be sure to upload your own icons to your server via the media gallery. Don’t hotlink to images on other servers.




    thanks, i wanted to do it and now i know how.

    great of you to share 🙂

    cheers !!!


    ‫‪ramino royal

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