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    I’m trying to add a code to every post and I followed this discussion but looks like action hooks are not working for some reason. Where can I manually put the code so it will appear at the end of every post in my blog ?



    Kenneth John Odle

    looks like action hooks are not working for some reason

    Can you be more specific about this? How are they not working?

    There’s code, and then there’s code. In a WordPress text widget, you can add HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but not PHP. You’ll need a special plugin for PHP.



    Aaa no PHP. Sorry, my bad.

    Thanks anyway


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you search the WordPress plugin repository for “php widget” you’ll find a few that work great. You can then use a PHP widget in place of a normal text widget.



    Thank you. Already found the plugin (Add this) and does exactly what I want. It puts the code just after the posts, above my social sharing buttons and recommended articles. I wanted to go without a plugin, oh well…



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