Add clickable social media icons to sidebar widget header

  • tdonatello


    Is this possible? Here is my site:

    You’ll notice I used the theme’s action hook widget to place icons on top of the header image. What if we wanted to move those ribbons so they overhang the sidebar widget headers where it currently says “CCDD on Facebook” and “CCDD on Tumblr”? So that there is still text in the header which says “CCDD on” but the words Facebook and Tumblr are replaced by the icons?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!




    Kenneth John Odle


    Using Firebug, you can identify that widget’s unique ID and then target its <h3> tag with a background image. Something like this:

    #specific-widget-ID h3 {
    background-image: url(path to image url);

    Then, edit the widget to take out the title text. You may have to adjust the image’s position with css.

    Not tested. Your mileage may vary.

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