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  • freakitchen


    Hi there,

    I’d like to add a widget to the static front page on this site

    In an attempt to maintain the layout as much as possible (I like having 2 columns, and the twitter widget I want to add would look silly the full width of the page), I want to try adding the widget as a ‘sixth’ pane.

    Taking the number of panes up to 5 from the current 4 obviously gives me some blank space at the right of the theme, so I wondered if it were possible to add the widget there using an action hook?

    Many thanks in advance for any suggestions…



    Hi Brother Freakichen!

    I want to know how did you manage your front Page. Are there any shortcode, widget to manage it.

    I tried to post some shortcode but in the post it shows “No Title” because I have not kept title there. how can we hide no title?

    Please someone help me.

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