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    Hi. I’ve been using WP for about 6 months with Graphene as my theme. My site is for Brazilian music reviews (here’s the URL). In addition to the posts I create, I like to occasionally add some short news announcements based on what I’m listening or reading online. They are longer than tweets and shorter than a regular in-depth review. I don’t want to mix those news announcements with the postings and don’t want them to appear in the sliding section on the top. I use a static page on my front page Is there a good news plug-in that could give me that functionality? Right now I’m using two plug-ins in order to achieve my goal: News announcement scroll and SP News and three widgets (static, scrolling and scrolling with thumbs). I like SP News because it creates a section for “News” that does not mix up with my postings, and like postings it will keep a history of the news I create. However, I cannot get it to work on my static front page. To circumvent these issues, I’m using both plug-ins now. Does anyone have any suggestions of other plug-ins that might work better with Graphene?

    Sorry for the long note, but I was trying to provide enough background information.





    I have good news! There was really no need to add any new plug-ins to achieve what I wanted. After careful thinking and digging, I realized Graphene provides the functionality I needed. I just used the slider to post my news items. I created a new category just that and made it such that it only appears in the slider and not in the static home page. Problem solved!

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