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    I’ve got my colors set up to turn from dark gray to bright white while “Active.”

    (Here’s what it looks like while “Member List” is active.)


    However, certain menus are not maintaining the bright white color while while “Active.”

    (Here’s what it looks like while “Forums” is active.)


    This is where I need help. I can’t figure out why certain menus are not staying bright white while “Active.”

    The 2 trouble menus are “Forums,” and “Account.”

    “Forums” is a menu that directs to a page called “Forums,” which is a page that contains shortcode for bbPress. There are other menus that direct to pages with shortcode, such as “Main Chat,” which stays active as it should. So, I’m not sure what the problem is with “Forums” not staying active.

    “Account” is a menu that directs to the user’s BuddyPress profile. (It doesn’t stay bright white in the active state either.)

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this issue.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Generally, “active” refers to a link that you are actually clicking on. If you mean “the menu item for the page that I am currently on” then WordPres generally appends the .current class to that link so it can be styled separately. (That is, “active” is a CSS thing; “current” is a WordPress thing.)

    However, it appears that you are using some kind of menu plugin, so your best bet may be to peruse that plugin’s support forum to look for a solution, or to ask your question there if you can’t find one. And, as always, be sure to include a link to your site.

    Also, I can’t actually access a page like the one above to examine code.



    Thanks for your reply.

    The site can be seen here.

    There’s a guest account:

    Username: theguest

    Password: theguest

    I had a plugin called “Max Mega Menu” installed while you were at the site, but I’ve disabled it now, so you can see the behavior of the menus.

    That plugin is on its way out the door, if I can get the “Active” state to work on those 2 troubled spots. (Forums & Account)

    Thanks very much for your time.




    I noticed that menus containing 2 words were displayed in the “Active” state, while menus containing only 1 word were the problem ones.

    If I rename the “Forums” page to “All Forums” (and also the permalink to all-forums,) then it works, but when I change it back to just “Forums” it stops appearing in the “Active” state.

    Does this reveal anything?

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