Active Page header menu is unreadeable due square too dark in IE

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    Version 1.4.1 creates a dark grey Box around Page title in header menu when using Firefox which makes it hard to read actual page title whereas the box is light grey when using IE.

    See my site at


    Syahir Hakim


    Looks fine to me:




    Somehow it now looks good to me also. Maybe all my laptop needed was to restart from fresh as I didn’t change anything other than that.

    Quick question in regards to the FONT in the header page menu. I noticed its significantly bigger than the one used in the previous Graphene version. Is there any way to control/change the font size? (Acceuil, À propos de la tribu, etc…)

    Thanks for your time and sorry for having reported something that semmingly was not a bug other than with my laptop maybe.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try this in your CSS:

    #header-menu-wrap ul li a {font-size:10px;}

    Or whichever size you would like.


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