Active item on menu stays blue – how can I change the color???

  • Pienkvoete


    Hi, I’m not a programmer or very experienced in computer codes etc. that’s why I use Graphene Theme as it is so easy to customize all the settings.

    I have a problem with the active item on the menu bar. No matter how I change the colors in the Graphene theme options, the active page’s menu color is birght blue. How can I change this?

    My website is

    After my host had a glitch in their computer system I have to rebuild my entire site and now Im struggling with this color othat wont change.

    Please help!



    And thanks for the great DIY theme Graphene!



    I found the answer at:

    You have to remove -ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorStr='%1$s', EndColorStr='%2$s')";

    from the wp-content/theme-head.php

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