Activating Child theme and moving over parent css changes

  • ukchaseral


    Hi Syahir,

    Thanks for all your work on the theme and support.

    I basically came across the child theme structure after I have been using your theme for a while and have already made changes to the parent css file.

    Without trawling through all the changes I have made manually I wondered if there was a way I could identify the changes I have made in the parent theme, isolate them and add them to my newly created child theme style.css file and then remove the changes I have made on the parent file?

    This would be useful as I have made changes to the function.php file and other files also. So I know if I just pick them out I will miss many changes I have made and break the site.

    Also, I added a child theme as you describe and yet cannot find where to ‘activate’ the child theme in the theme directory. I was looking here:, which is where I believe you were directing everyone.

    Currently using V1.3.1 as I don’t want to upgrade until this is sorted!

    Thanks for your help in advance


    Kenneth John Odle


    I wondered if there was a way I could identify the changes I have made in the parent theme

    Not that I’m aware of. It helps to have a text editor that shows lines numbers, and will allow you to have multiple documents open in tabs. I like notepad++. I open the theme stylesheet in one tab, my modified version in another, and then a blank document in a third. I go through the first two line by line, and then copy and paste any code changed into the blank document.

    You need to make sure to change the name of both the folder and the name (in the style.css file) of your child theme. If you upload it to your theme folder, it should show up in alphabetical order according to the name on the style.css sheet. However, instead of seeing the theme preview, you should just see a grey square.

    If you don’t see your child theme, check the bottom of the theme pane. It will inform you of any broken themes and the issues they are having.





    Hello ukchaseral,

    I hope you have resolved your problem, however, just in case it will help you or someone else…

    I discovered this online tool when addressing a similar issue:

    Maybe it will help you or someone else.




    Kenneth John Odle


    Thanks for that link, Donna! I’m bookmarking it!

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