Accessibility plugins don't work on graphene theme only.

  • Igor Kharchenko


    Hello. Im a newbe. I have installed graphene theme. I think it is a best theme for wordpress.

    And now I need create accessiblity for people with poor eyesight. I need a buttons which can change current theme: change text size, disable pictures, change default colors.

    I try to use plugins: WP Accessibility, Comfortable reading and others with same features. But when I click on the widget buttons on sidebar – nothing happens. Buttons of widget are changes itself only. What can I to do? Please help. Sorry for bad English.

    Igor Kharchenko


    Hello. I found a simple solution. When I disable the slider widget begin working fine.


    Kenneth John Odle


    It is most likely a JavaScript conflict of some sort, then.

    If you want or need a slider, there are lots available. You can try them out until you find one you like that doesn’t conflict with your accessibility plugin.

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