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    i have been looking on google and cant find answers so i asked this forum (WHAT ITS FOR) and i have added a hook areea widget (before content in header) and i’ve put the code you gave me in the text widget for that and doesnt work dont know if im to replace the ? marks and what with



    <?php and ?> are the opening and closing PHP tags. PHP codes doesn’t work in a simple wordpress text widget. You need to install and use WP PHP Widget to parse php code in wordpress widget areas. You must enter all the PHP codes in PHP widget, not in Arbitrary text or HTML widget.

    Use this widget for PHP codes,


    John McCubbin


    i have found out what you mean by php and have got it to work but when it enlarge the text is too close together



    Thank god! You got it working! (Erm.. Almost) So, what’s the URL of your site?

    John McCubbin


    im not sure if u will get it as im on a local network using webmatrix to test it out but the lonk i go to is




    No, it will take to my local host! What’s your IP address and the location of your WordPress directory?

    John McCubbin


    SORRY cant give you that but can you put screen shotas on here



    Oh man! How can I post screen shots of a website on your local host??!!

    John McCubbin


    no im saying on this how do u post screenshots

    John McCubbin


    plus was that cheek

    plus what would the code be for that other plugin

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