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    This site was originally set up with the sliding door theme, but updates kept crashing the site even with a child theme. Graphene is so versatile that it was possible to make the site almost exactly the same on the visitor end and much better on the admin end. No worries now when it comes time to update.

    Special thanks to Syahir Hakim, Graphene Developer, for helping with the functions.php to enqueue the accordion script. and to Kenneth John Odle for helping with CSS.


    Kenneth John Odle


    AMAZING! Impossible to believe it’s Graphene until I view the source. Absolutely incredible.

    BTW, you might want to move that generated CSS to your child theme style sheet to ease up the load on your server.



    Thanks for the tip about the CSS… I thought about it but was a teensy bit afraid to try it…. Although I don’t know why since I’d back up first


    Kenneth John Odle

    Thanks for the tip about the CSS

    For those who aren’t aware of this feature:

    As it is now, that CSS loads with every page view. Moving it to your child theme stylesheet means it only loads once, and then loads from the browser cache as people move from page to page. The effect is small, but incremental.

    Again, AWESOME job! That represents a lot of hours of work. Well done!



    I’ll do that… your explanation has convinced me. Thanks very much!



    Wow, you did a great job on customization. I had to check your code to make sure you are using the graphene theme.






    Wow, what an amazing site! I love the accordion — pretty amazing.

    You’ve really inspired me 🙂



    Thank you! Her writing and photography inspire me.

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