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    Just a General Question. Why would some country’s for example Peru, have some domains ending in .Com.Pe versus a simple .Pe ? I found a very popular company that has the .Com.Pe but not the normal .Pe of there domain name. It makes no sense to me why this would happen? Do you have an answer? is this what other countries do? Why wouldent they just go with the .Pe, or both?


    Syahir Hakim


    You can have both, e.g. for Malaysia you can have .my, .com.my, .edu.my, .org.my, etc. The logic I think is that the country-code top level domain (ccTLD) is to designate the country, and then the generic top-level domain (gTLD) is to designate the nature of the organisation that owns the website. Therefore you can have a website that ends with .edu.my and people can reasonably surmise from that alone that the website is about an educational entity based in or provides services in Malaysia.

    In this case, websites with just ccTLD and no gTLD usually refers to personal websites (e.g. khairul-syahir.my), or websites that want to have wordplay in their domain name (e.g. anato.my).



    ok but for example lets say the domain I am talking about is domain.com. I saw that other places that own this franchise have it has

    domain.my instead of domain.my.Com Yet for Peru whoever owns the franchise only bought the domain.Pe.Com and I saw that the same domain with just domain.Pe was available which I found very odd and bought it. I just don’t understand why the domain I bought being so valuable , would not be bought by the same people or made with just the .Pe instead of the longer .Pe.Com. because regardless they spell nothing with wordplay in any version of the endings. If your saying that just a .Pe is a personal website then why would the same franchise have other websites that have the option for a .my.com have just the .my ?


    Syahir Hakim


    I think the only way that it is possible to have a domain that ends in .pe.com is to register pe.com domain, and then create your website as subdomains of that domain. That way technically you can have .my.com, ca.com, etc. It’s not technically a country-specific domain name, but just looks like it.

    In the case of the franchise you described above, it would mean that they bought the pe.com domain, and then host (and publicise) their website on the domain.pe.com subdomain.

    There are many reasons why one entity would buy the same domain with different endings – to protect their brand is one obvious reason. Which then depends on how much they’re willing to spend for that. Consider all the available ccTLD, and then consider all the gTLD. To buy the entire domains list with all the endings permutations would cost a lot, so that’s a decision that the entity has to make.

    Not that it’s strictly necessary though. The ICANN has guidelines on domain name disputes. For example, if someone were to buy khairul-syahir.org or khairul-syahir.net, in the hope that maybe one day I’ll want those domain names bad enough I’ll have to buy it from them at exorbitant price, I can just simply raise a dispute to ICANN and show that they have no basis for holding that domain name other than to extort money from me.

    Of course then it’s a legal issue with all the legal costs.



    do you think since I bought a extremely popular domain name that is a franchise that ends in .Pe someone will buy it from me ? they have a website for the .com.pe but not the .pe

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