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    I have a custom header( responsive slider) only for my home page : http://nuancet.eu.

    Now I want to create a different header image for every different page but with no success. I know that when we use a standard header for Graphene it is possible to achieve this using a featured image for every page. Unfortunately this not work for me with my custom header.

    Please advice for possible deciusion?

    Thank you in advance.




    To replace the featured image as header image, the image must be of same or bigger in size. If it is less than the header image resolution, then it won’t replace the header image. Also make sure you didn’t check Prevent featured image replacing header image ; in theme options.



    I understand, but I have the following problem:

    -1) I use the following code in order to have header only for home page:

    #header {display: none;
    .home #header {
    display: block !important;

    If a header is allowed in order to have different header for every page, the result is a header image and slider below. The slider is not replaced by a header image?

    I want to have a slider for home page and different header images for every page!

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