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    Hi ,

    I am a novice, i am building my first website and everyday i get into new problems.

    I have just realized after started to use Google Webmaster Tools that the 404 page should come up anytime a visitor writes the URL wrong; well this doesnt work on my page.I have tried to type /randomwords and i always ended up on the IE 404. After searching for solutions on google and on this forum i have followed Kim’s link about permalinks and 404, but it didnt work for me.I use Graphene in network mode , and use pretty permalinks.

    Can you please give me some ideas what could cause this and how could i fix it?

    Thank You,

    I really appretiate the support i get on this forum.





    Hi Kim, Hi Kenneth,

    I am sorry, i was sure i was already updated my profile, probably i forgot to save it.The sites are and I have just updated wp, but still have the same problem. For cerain words the 404 page comes up for others not,and i end up on IE.

    Than You,


    Syahir Hakim

    I just tried visiting and it does show up the 404 page with the correct HTTP 404 response in the HTTP response header.

    If you only see this in Google Webmaster Tools, it’s probably because in the past the theme returns HTTP 302 on not found instead of HTTP 404, but this has since been corrected. Give it some time and Google will probably correct it.


    Looks good so far.

    If nothing else, try this.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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