404 for Admin log in?

  • raindance


    Something really bad and weird just happened..

    I was editing a post and went to publish it and preview changes, the background of the page went white, looked weird, kept giving me a 404 error, so I tried to go to my dashboard, 404 error, here is my fatal error maybe I closed the window to log back in thinking it would sort itself out but now when I try to log in to admin I get a 404 error! Accckkkkk!!!! What happened and anyone have any idea how to get back in??




    One thing I did do was turn off indexing in my control panel thinking it just made it so someone couldn’t see a list of you files. I think it was just after I did this (and quickly UNdid it when things stopped working) that I can’t log in nor see any admin files.

    On a different computer I can log in but the log in screen looks all goofed up and still every admin menu item I click on like dashboard or posts gives me a 404 error, even though I can see all the files there when I look on the server itself.

    Any ideas?



    Solved…for anyone else that might have this problem…

    My hosting company fixed it, he said:

    “One of the rewrite rules for indexing was negated once re-activated that looks to have fixed the styling issue with the wp-admin section.”

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