3w Total Cache ruined the mobile version

  • Ursula


    I have Mobile Neo and everything has been working fine on the mobile. I am using the plugin Any Mobile Theme Switcher to detect if users are visiting on mobile.

    I just installed 3W Total Cache, and the mobile version was completely broken. I then deactivated Any Mobile Theme Switcher, which kind of solved the problem. I now get the desktop version on the mobile.

    I hope it makes sense.


    Kenneth John Odle

    the mobile version was completely broken

    What do you mean by “completely broken”?

    Did you clear caches on your browser and server?



    Broken, means that everything on the site looking completely strange. Everything was moved around and it was one big chaos. It looked like that as well on the desktop until I deactivated Minify in 3W Total Cache, but I have been unable to repair Mobile Neo-version.

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