3 questions on using hooks and making drop down menus

  • Saeed


    Hi I’m new to both WP and Graphene.

    I have done some website building and coding, so I’m not a total beginner, at least- can deal with css and html, but never used php or other codes…

    Ok, I installed Graphene, tweeked some colors, etc. and have tried to use the hooks. Great theme and features! Here’s where I got stuck on details:

    1. Header hook. I activated the header hook, added a widget. The widget DID go into the header. Awesome! But it lands on the top left side.

    Q: how can I make the widgets go on the RIGHT side of the header?

    2. Top bar hook. I want a simple menu in the top bar. I activated teh top bar hook, put in my menu widget. The menu DOES go in the top bar, but it’s a vertical list of links, on the right side. I want a horizontal menu- looking just like the main menu- on right.

    Q: how do I get a horizontal-style menu, on right side, in the top bar?

    3. Q: How do I make a drop down menu with my main menu?

    Graphene says it supports a DD menu… but I don’t see how the heck to do it!

    Do I have to add a dd. menu plug-in? OR what?

    Thanks so much for this forum and your support/help!

    The Graphene Theme is awesome overall…thanks! I just need to learn how to do some of these other details…

    Cheers, Lash


    Kenneth John Odle


    General ideas:

    1) A link to your site would be helpful. Otherwise, advice is more general and not specific.

    2) Use Firebug.

    Your questions:

    1) You can control the position of any widget using CSS. There have been a number of recent threads about this in the past week or two; search around and I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for.

    2) Same as #1, although this will require a bit more work, since you want it to be horizontal. You’ll need to add a “float:left” to each item. Give it a shot, see how it looks, and then we can take a closer look if you still have issues with it.

    3) By default, child pages will be the drop-down in a menu. If you want a drop down menu structured differently, you’ll need to use a custom menu, which gives you LOTS more options. Here’s a tutorial I wrote, which will tell you all you need to know about custom menus: http://blog.kjodle.net/2011/08/25/how-to-create-and-use-custom-menus-in-wordpress/

    Try it out, and let us know about any specific problems you have.




    BIG OMG- Ken!

    thank you sooo much for your tutorial on using WP menus. Wow, did not know about moving the buttons inwards to make them sub-menu items! Awesome. Also cool that you can mix-match pages, posts, categories. perfect.

    Thanks, too, for fireplug, info on making/using child themes…

    About the changes to my hooks’ widgets- I did read that tutorial and still had my Qs. I figured it was a css change, but couldn’t figure out WHERE.. still dont’ know, but I’ll check around the forum first.

    Sorry I didn’t give my website link. I will next time.

    Thanks.. no, THANKS! more later, I”m sure.. 🙂 cheers, Lash


    Kenneth John Odle


    Here’s a way to position something wherever you want it (and I do mean WHEREVER): https://forum.graphene-theme.com/graphene-support/how-can-i-add-adsense-to-the-background-image-1#post-5040



    tHANKS! i’ll check them out. 🙂 cheers, Lash

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