2nd Site Using Graphene Theme

  • pgorski


    I created my second site using Graphene Theme. I learned a lot from first one. I’m using a current version of Graphene with Child Theme + with custom functions.php

    Site currently is in testing but should be released soon. I’m still working on the home page. I currently don’t like the look and feel of it.


    I appreciate your feedback.





    Your site looks great, very clean and easy to navigate. The only change I would suggest is create your image on your main page the same size as the content width, and whatever height to create a 16:9 dimension. The bigger the photos to better in my opinion 🙂 Good job!



    Looks very nice! The only negative I notice is that the menu seems a little hit-and-miss, with dead spots as I mouse over the text. I tried changing the line height from 16px to 1.5em in firebug and that seemed to help, but changed the positioning a little.

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