2nd level does not work anymore in Chrome

  • skuriles


    in earlier versions the 2nd level menu did not appear on mobile browser. But now it does not work on chrome desktop browsers anymore, but in mobile version instead.

    example: http://www.sv-deggenhausertal.de => Spielbetrieb => Herren -> arrow is shown but if you click on it the menu disappears.

    Same for http://lodgefarm.herts.sch.uk => children.

    Was not working in 2.6.3 and after update to 2.6.5 it is still the same.

    Any chance to get this work for mobile and chrome browsers?
    Edge and Firefox do show the menu on hover, but not Chrome.


    Syahir Hakim


    Seems to be working normally from my end. Try visiting the site on Incognito mode, or temporarily disable browser extensions you have installed in Chrome.



    Hm.. I’ve tried it on another PC with latest Chrome and it seems to work.
    Think it has to do that my first screen on the not working system is a touch screen. This one behaves sometimes strange on windows. Got a similar problem with that touch screen monitor in past.

    Will have to check that!
    Thanks for help and sorry for circumstances!

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