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  • toastedone


    is it possible to have 2 post pages on a site?




    I think this plugin is helpful. You can also use a child theme and custom function to achieve the same. But why reinvent the wheel? 🙂




    Thanks for the reply

    What I would like to do is, on my site I have links to home, news, reviews, ect ect could I link them buttons to post catagories?

    Example: I have a catagory called reviews, can I add a button to the top menu that will show all review items?

    Hope that makes send and pleasebr gentle I am a novice



    Kenneth John Odle

    can I add a button to the top menu that will show all review items?

    No, but you can forgo the built in menu altogether and add whatever buttons you like to a Graphene action hook widget area.

    Additionally, you could just use a custom menu:




    Thanks, the above looks like what I am looking for but every time I try and follow the instructions I end up with no no menu buttons

    this is the start of my site


    you see where home,news, strava, reviews are

    I try and create a new menu button, say for example test, when i complete the instructions and check my site all menu buttons have vanished, not even the new one i created is there, when i delete the new custom menu everything comes back.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Do you mean that want actual buttons for your links, or are you just trying to add more links to a custom menu?



    for example i have all my links on my header, home, news wallpaper, I would like to add another, for example “Daily starva” that is a category on my news page, i would like to add a link to the header that would take a user to that category.



    see if this helps

    I want to do add a link at #1 that will link and open at #2




    Ok, now I am getting somewhere, using the custom menu i kinda have things working, but when i click on a link hat takes you to a “Catagory” i can see the posts in that “Catagory” but i also see above the posts “Category Archive:” can i get rid of this?



    Syahir Hakim

    .archive-title {
    display: none;

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