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    Hi, firstly I would like to say hello and thanks for a great theme!

    I have 2 questions about how to alter something on the theme. As I dont know how to describe the first I have added a link to a picture of my site with the question there.

    I think it should be fairly easy, but I have to admit to being a novice, so be gentle 🙂




    1. To change the icon, create your own icon with 16×16 dimension and save it as favicon.ico file. Then upload the icon file to your root directory using FTP. Or go to Graphene Options –> Display–> “Miscellaneous Display Options” and click on “Upload or select image from gallery”. Then upload your favicon.ico file.

    2. To remove “Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme.”, add this to custom CSS. Go to Graphene Options –> Display–> Custom CSS and paste the below code in “Custom CSS styles” box.

    #developer {
    display: none;



    Prasanna, thank you for a quick and simple explanation!


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