2 Easy Ideas That Would Rock!

  • obiwan1964


    Your theme is already awesome and the best I’ve found for WordPress so thank you very much for your work! I’ve just got 2 simple ideas that I think would be great additions.

    1) Make an option to set the website favicon using a URL or file from your media gallery. I used to have a great one and I lost it when I switched to your theme.

    2) Make the header able to be an active .gif file so a user could create a header that changes colors and/or images in a very simple manner.

    With or without these fixes you themed is still sweet! Thanks again.



    Syahir Hakim


    1) The latest version of the theme already checks for the presence of a favicon.ico file in the WordPress root directory. If the file exists, it will automatically add the appropriate <link> element in the <head> to use the favicon.

    2) The Custom Header function is provided by WordPress and not the theme. I think if you can find or create animated .gif image with a resolution of 900 x 198 pixels then you can upload the animated .gif and use it without WordPress needing to crop and save it as a .jpg file.



    I placed a favicon.ico file in the same directory where the wp-…. files are. I’m assuming that is the

    Wordpress root directory you refer to?

    My favicon does not show up in the url line..

    What will cause the theme to refresh/update that?




    Syahir Hakim


    favicon.ico is a special image file that needs to be saved as an icon file, which means that you can’t just use any image file that has been renamed to *.ico file.

    Try this .ico file I generated for you: http://www.khairul-syahir.com/files/evelyn-favicon.ico

    You can download a free plugin for Photoshop that allows you to save an image file as an icon file here: http://www.telegraphics.com.au/sw/



    Thank you!

    I see the favicon in the browser URL box for Safari, but not firefox or IE.

    I use the program xnview http://www.xnview.com

    It has a “save as” to save image files as .ico files. I thought that would work.




    Syahir Hakim


    It does show in Firefox when I view the website now.




    I don’t see anything other than an icon of a piece of paper.

    Not a big problem tho..


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