2 CSS Issues – Underlined Links & Background Color For Active Link

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    1. For some reason the links in my footer language bar are underlined when I hover them and I can’t seem to get it removed. I know it has something to do with “text-decoration” but I don’t know which div or id is responsible for it. Inspecting the element via Firefox doesn’t really help me neither.



    2. I want that the selected language (currently active) to have a set background. This way you can easily see what language is active. I already had this once, when I was still fiddling around to finish my language bar for header and footer but now that I’m done I don’t know which div or id I should edit.




    (English is the active language and I want it to have a background color)

    I hope someone can help me.

    Website: https://www.AnonyRev.com

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