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    Hi, can I revert back to the old version? I feel a bit overwhelmed with the new version behavior…..I will change the theme if I cna’t get it back as it was.

    Settings no longer apply:

    1) Slideshow no longer behaves. I set for small picture ad ercepts and it shows the beginning of the complete article.

    2) Articles Have no longer an exceprts on the blog page. It shows the complete texte and no longer read more button…..even if I set everything.

    3) Customized Sidebars disappeared on certain pages

    Thank you



    It sounds as if you not just updated, but performed the theme’s built-in uninstall, which will delete all customizations and setting you’ve done in the theme.

    Do you have a back-up of your WP database? That’s where your settings and customizations are stored.

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