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    I really like the theme in many ways but i think that this feature is not easy to acomplish with basic css and child theme and would also give to the theme great aesthetic options and boost. This feature also helps to rebalance the problem with diferent width monitors and thin content width. Your forum looks so great with this slik full width header. Thank you for your efford so far and i really hope to see this feature soon.



    I would also like to see this option available. Basically it would act like the header at the top of this page, filling out the space on each side, while leaving the content in a more manageable width.

    This could perhaps be done as a single checkbox option.

    ie: ‘expand header to full screen width’

    This would require having a default colour set behind the header image, which could then be a colour selection box that opens if the full width option is selected.

    Richard 🙂



    I’d vote for this


    Kenneth John Odle


    this feature is not easy to acomplish with basic css and child theme

    It’s not easy to accomplish the way the theme is currently structured, either, because the header and footer are both part of the container division. If you make something 100% wide in CSS, it takes 100% of its parent container, which in the case of Graphene is <div id="container">, not <body>.

    That said, it’s not impossible. IIRC, we helped someone figure this out a few months ago. If you look around on the forum, you’ll probably find it.

    (If you do, feel free to post a link here for anyone else who may want to know how to do this.)

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