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    OK, I’ll test it in a beta2 or the final version. Now I use a mixed verison of 1.3a and 1.3b, and I think I donÄt have bugs.

    If I find more Bugs I’ll tell it you.

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    UPDATE (Sorry for doublepost)

    If I use the style.css of 1.3a, there is no problem. I think the bug is in the new style.css.

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    I don’t use the wp-content/uploads folder, I use an own “Grafiken”-Folder. Perhaps is Graphene 1.3b incompatible with WordPress 3.2b1. (Bad, next time I’m more intelligent and don’t use two Betas on an productive website).

    But I think I have found two more Bugs (see http://www.yoshiuniversum.de/?page_id=476 but also in older Versions)

    1) “Kommentar senden.” should be “Kommentar senden” without a point.

    2) There is a link to the top when I click on “28 Kommentare”.

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    Yes, I’ve add the first Wallpaper again, in 400x300px. But it is shown in 911x684px. (I think because this is the maximum-size that Pictures can have in Graphene if they are shown full). The original size is 1024×768.

    But other Pictures have the problem, too (Like the Download-Button) : http://www.yoshiuniversum.de/?page_id=369

    it should be shown in 120x120px.

    In the Editor all works right.

    I use WordPress 3.2b1 with Delete Revision, WP-DB-Backup and TinyMCE Advanced, so I don’t think that this is a problem of Plugins.

    Did you test it on an own installation and did it work correct? (In 1.2 and 1.3a it is shown on my installation correct, too.)

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    Of course (Why didn’t I post it before?). It’s a Webseite for Yoshi (of Nintendo).

    Here’s my Website, and a page with Wallpapers: http://www.yoshiuniversum.de/?page_id=257

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    I have a Page (Graphene 1.3a) and want to embedd an Screenshot with 1024x768px. This is too large, so I embedd it to 400x300px.

    Now I upgrade Graphene to 1.3b. The on the page Image is in the Original size 1024x768px.

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    Bug: Since 1.3b, customized sizes for images aren’t shown. They are shownn in the size of the image-file.

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