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    “WordPress already supports this natively. Try inserting a Youtube video URL into any post, and WordPress will automatically replace it with the video.”

    Thx but..

    No, it doesn’t. It shows only the link. Or I’ll hhave to use the embed code, but when go to WYSIWYG, the editor delete the string.

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    1) I have done it a few hours ago, but I suggest an option to disable the first bar in the Options-Page (Or the menu-page).

    > * Removed W3C code validation icons

    I like, that it is tested and without mistakes. But I find it nice, that I haven’t to remove it always in the CSS.

    > * Added support for “status”, “audio”, “image”, and “video” post formats

    I suggest a tag, to embedd a youtube-video in a normal post.

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    “1+3. No option, but I suppose you can do this by defining the secondary menu, and then hide the primary menu using CSS display:none; “

    I asked whre I should insert the Code (I can’t code CSS).

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    1) OK, I unterstand. Where can I do this?

    7) My mistake, I didn’t knew that I have to connect it for new to the 1.4a.

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    1) I think I wait for a next version. It is all too complicated.

    7) Did I. In version 1.3 it works correct. Only 1.4a makes failures.

    For what? Widgets-Header?

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    1+3) Is there an option to use the secondary menu without the first?

    7) If I activate v1.4 as default, it shows all pages, not only the pages that are defined as menu. With the plugin (with taht you could see my page with 1.4) and in the previewit is shown right.

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    1+3) Bad function of wordpress. Now, the font is too big. I found the old version better.

    4) I think it would be better if it is by default smaller. But perhaps that’s subjective. (And I think the Footer is also big)

    6) Perhaps a new function that disable the “Return to the top” and “Copyright” text in the footer without changing the CSS.

    A question: How can I use the new “Audio” oder “Video” Tags?

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    Hi Syahir,

    I have tested and I found a few bugs/suggestions for the beta/next version.

    1) The menu is very fals, when I use the menu-function in the theme-options: http://www.yoshiuniversum.de/?wptheme=Graphene/graphene1.4

    (If I use it as default, the first menu-panel is full but it is also false).

    Website with Theme 1.3.1: http://www.yoshiuniversum.de/?wptheme=Graphene/graphene1.3.1

    2) If I update the Theme, I always must configure (like disable the slider, remove RSS-Icon etc.). Perhaps you can include a function that only new functions must be configure when update.

    3) How can I make a small menu if I don’t want a description (like Graphene 1.3.1)

    4) There is a too big destination from the end of footer to the end of page

    5) Why is my english so bad?

    EDIT: First link was false. Changed.

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    I use the Yahoo Media Player: http://mediaplayer.yahoo.com/

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    Yes, now the bug is away.

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