How to modify the theme using a child theme

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    When I activate my Graphene-Child theme, some of my colors are wrong. The gray-to-black fade is now just solid black in the footer and the RSS/Search bar above the header and the menu bar is a dull light gray. Also, some of the interior gray between main and sidebar is missing. I copied the style.css file ONLY to graphene-child directory and changed only the header as you have instructed. redbox tv

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    Hey there,
    Followed all the steps sequentially as per instructed by you. Successfully modified the theme.
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    Anyone have a CSS that uses the child theme to switch from a right sidebar to a left one? Or do I just change the float from right to left? Didn’t see anything in the WP docs on this.

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    Modifying a child theme is not two minute work, you can do this but it will take some time, here is great reference you can try to find how you can do this. i also take help to modify my sites Redbox TV APK



    Wordpress is a great CMS and it allows a lot of modifications as per your need. You can easily modify the Child theme by going to Editor. Style.css provides you all the backend controls. Garageband for windows is also a great music production software that you can use to create music on Windows pc.



    See i am using slider on my home page on the left side at top and to it’s right is features posts widget. i have labeled the featured posts widget but then there height is mismatched. I edited the code and made them look symmetrical. The problem is every now and then after few days, that code gets resetted again to it’s default. I don’t know why. Can you please help?



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    why not try the Morpheus TV



    thanks for the post and resolution provided by admin. i was looking for exact resolution regarding child theme. thanks a lot admin




    you make changes to the theme, you can edit in the editor.

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