Broken footer, plugin conflict.

  • flpetersen


    So we have the site ready for presentation to the boss, and we needed a front end document library, we have 200+ documents in folders and sub-folders, etc. We tested 3 and the best one was Memphis Document Library because it actually had front end folders.

    The problem, it conflicts with something in your theme. I’ve written them, but no reply, I’m writing you. If we simply need to add some custom css, we’ll do it, but we need the document library, and therefore that has priority. Unless you know a better one??

    Anyway, when their plugin in enabled, the 5 footer widgets we have, and have had, suddenly stack vertical instead of horizontal. If we turn it off, fixed. We’ve looked but cannot find the culprit.

    The site is on our intranet, I cannot provide access. Any ideas??

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