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    Managed to make the adjustments to my updated 1.2 site on my own – bit of trial and error but all seems good now.



    I’m still lost! In my test site, I upgrade again the graphene to 1.2.1

    I do not understand … I believe everything is related in some way, but while I do not understand what’s happening I do not know where to get start to correct …

    Leaving the differences in the CSS of my child theme to the graphene theme in the side for a while (if that is possible), the behavior of the child theme does not obey the settings of the admin panel.

    in Header display options I choose

    Link header image to front page

    Disable feature image replacing header image

    hide the top bar

    and search box location is placed in navegation bar

    In columm options

    I choose 1 columm in the right

    In post display options I check

    Show excerpt in front page

    and hide post tags (actualy, in my real child, this is not market. I change the code in the loop.php to only show tags in single pages and not in the front page, but to make easy just to see the effects, here I chose hide at all)

    And this is how the child looks like (with child theme and graphene 1.2.1) http://www.drquem.com.br/blog/

    when need looks like this one (with child theme and graphene 1.1.4) http://www.rederpg.com.br/wp/

    Like I said, in this moment, I’m not focus on the fact the almost ALL thins that I wrote in the CSS is not being respected… but in something bigger: the setting of the theme, when using a child, is not being respect…

    I don’t have columm, I don’t have link in the header, the top bar is showing, the search is in the wrong position… The only thing that is working is not showing the tags (and this one is the only that is not my real intention… what I want is not show tags in the front page and show in the post page… )

    Like I said, I’m totally lost!

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