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Tried the 1.6 update one more time after reading http://www.khairul-syahir.com/topics/web-dev/2012/graphene-1-6-what-to-know-before-upgrading.html again and i still have no clue where to even begin looking in order to change 1.6 into the way it looks with 1.5.6.

This is how my website looks after the update:


(http://www.gendji.eu/ normal look, reverted back to 1.5.6)

The widgets are in the right place, the rest is a bit of a mess.

I truly appreciate all the hard work that has been put in the Graphene Theme and understand why changes are necessary sometimes, but for someone like me, with very limited coding knowledge, except for changing css and a bit of html, a major update like this, is almost impossible to “handle”.

Ofc i can start from scratch and try to make the changes all over again based on version 1.6, but besides defying the purpose of using childthemes, it will take me more then a couple of days again to achieve that goal, without any guarantee those changes will hold with the next major update.

Let me make one thing absolutely clear though, the problem is on my side. Graphene is a free to use theme and any changes made is your decision not mine. If i can’t handle those changes it’s my problem, not yours. If i get help with my problem through these forums, great, if not, so be it, no hard feelings.

I am just expressing the difficulties occurring for someone with my “level” of coding skills in regard to an update like the 1.6 version.